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Aspirin, water and spiritual healing

For centuries, healing practitioners using various modalities have attempted to heal bodily conditions, wounds and diseases.

Modern allopathic medicine has come a long way since the patenting of Aspirin in 1899. (Aspirin, aka salicylic acid, is a compound that appears naturally in plants such as white willow bark). We in the West enjoy advanced technology and drugs in our current system of medicine.

Allopathic medicine tends to treat the condition or the physical cause of the condition, whereas Ayurveda, acupuncture/acupressure, traditional Chinese medicine and other ancient forms of medicine use physical means to change or lift the consciousness or vibratory frequency of the patient. (Here the terms “consciousness” and “vibration” are synonymous.) Metaphysics and modern spirituality approach healing from the consciousness/vibratory level in order to affect the physical. This is known as spiritual healing.

How does spiritual healing work? Many people believe it to be the work of the devil, magic, voodoo, etc., but there is a logical scientific explanation for how spiritual healing works.

In quantum physics, the physical universe is made up of vibration. Everything vibrates at a certain level or frequency. Physical matter vibrates at a different frequency than, for example, electricity or visible light.

Quantum physics has also shown us that the “observer” of an experiment can, and does, affect matter, photons and electromagnetic frequencies. The “observer” is a conscious sentient being (humans). The expectancy of the observer has a direct effect on the outcome of the experiment. In other words, what the “observer” expects the outcome to be determines the result.

In metaphysics, the universe, both physical and nonphysical, is the out-picturing of consciousness-frequency: What we focus our attention on must show up in our physical/human experience.

When the consciousness-vibration is raised to a higher level or frequency, the lower consciousness or slower vibration can no longer exist because its energy has been transformed and transmuted into the higher level.

Water is a classic example of this principle. Water molecules, when frozen, vibrate at a slow level. When the vibration of those molecules increases, we have liquid water. And, of course, at a higher vibration still, water becomes steam. Each higher level transforms the lower level, and the lower level can no longer exist. This is the spiritual method of healing.

Another example of raising consciousness-vibration is the quantum shift from the old belief that “the world is flat.” When it was discovered that the world is round, there was a complete paradigm shift and, once aware, humankind could never go back to the old “flat-earth” understanding.

In traditional physics, the old understanding is that matter is solid and makes up most of the universe. A more recent greater discovery in consciousness created another paradigm shift: matter is not solid but flashes in and out of existence and makes up only about .02% of the universe.

In his book “The Hidden Messages in Water,” Masaru Emoto says that consciously directed thoughts have a profound effect on water. Murky, polluted water can be cleaned and clarified with thoughts of pure water, he says. Our bodies are 90% water. So, how do our thoughts affect our body directly?

What if we directed thoughts of well-being toward our body (container-of-water)? What if we were able to have our close friends see our bodies as a vessel of pure clean water? Imagine what effect this might have on our bodies and overall well-being.

Higher vibrational thoughts transmute lower thoughts. Thoughts of love are greater than thoughts of hate. Thoughts of well-being are greater than thoughts of sickness and poor health. Could it be that the spiritual healers of the past were not sorcerers but simply had very focused thoughts of well-being and the only thing they saw was a perfectly functioning body rather than focusing on the undesired condition/sickness?

Never curse your body temple, love it with all your heart.

Jim Hatton is the author, under the name James Apollonius Alan, of “A Spiritual Master’s Guide to Life.” Email 600- to 700-word articles on all aspects of inner peace to Sally McKirgan at innerpeaceforyou@outlook.com.

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