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Oddities & Wonders: A multitude of marvels

If you’ve been on the Ashland Central Bike Path just east of Walker Avenue you cannot have missed this fascinating place. The fence that lines the path here has colorful locks, keys beautifully displayed, a shovel graveyard (with one lively shovel) that is an homage to the Japanese-Americans interned during World War II, and various other sculptural marvels. Elsewhere on the property, at 190 Walker Ave., is a large and intriguing mosaic of found objects and too many wonderful artifacts to enumerate.

The property has been owned and enhanced by artist Wendy Eppinger, with a little help from her friends, since 1993. She recycles found objects for all her work. She is continually moving and enhancing or replacing the interesting displays throughout the property.

Wendy is a serious gardener, too, and her garden was the Ashland Garden Club’s Garden of the Month in July 2013, but did not appear in the Ashland Daily Tidings at that time.

This is the sixth in an occasional series on Oddities & Wonders in the Ashland landscape. Ruth Sloan writes about the Ashland Garden Club’s Garden of the Month from April through September. Send suggestions about great gardens or Oddities & Wonders to aogardenclub@gmail.com.

Wendy Eppinger works on a mosaic. Photo by Kate Geary
A deer pauses in front of a mosaic creation by Wendy Eppinger. Photo by Wendy Eppinger